Kasvit kasvamassa mullassa
Early Intervention handbook

Early Intervention is a publicly available and user-friendly resource that offers information on effective working practices for professionals working with children and families. It contains information on working practices that have been designed to promote the psychological and social well-being of children and young people.

Early Intervention is intended to encourage professionals working directly with families and children to seek out and utilise more, and better, evidence-based methods as part of their practice. A set of criteria and a classification system have been created as part of the project to evaluate the evidence base of the featured methods. The project has been set up to collect data on evidence-based interventions developed in Finland and elsewhere, to evaluate their effectiveness and to disseminate information to decision-makers and practitioners.

By gathering information on high-quality working methods, we want to ensure that practitioners have access to objective information on what the interventions involve and how change is brought about.

Similar information resources and classification systems are already in use elsewhere in the Nordic countries. The Norwegian Ungsinn, the Swedish Metodguide and the Danish Vidensportalen incorporate their own classification systems, which are used to assess  the quality of the evidence and the effectiveness of the featured methods.