Tyttö ja nalle


Delivery of intervention: Individually

Aim of intervention: The intervention aims to support 4–18 year old children, who have experienced violence in the family or close relationships. Trappan-intervention strengthens the child’s ability to verbalize and understand the experiences of violence. Intervention improves the child’s understanding of violence and provides information on security.

Description of intervention: Trappan is an individual-based intervention for children who have experienced violence in the family or in close relationships. The intervention is based on research-based information on violence and theories of developmental psychology on the effects of violence in close relationships on child development. The intervention cannot be used as a part of investigation of family violence or crime process and before starting the intervention, the professional ensures via multi-professional networking that threat of violence is lifted. A professional who has received Trappan training meets the child 4-8 times and the parents before and after the intervention. In Trappan the professional discusses with the child confidentially, helps the child to perceive the violent experiences as a big picture and provides the child with information on violence (Källström & Ekbom 2014). The professionals working with children have applied some elements of Trappan in their work independently of the intervention.

 Availability of intervention in Finland: Folkhälsan organizes Trappan training for professionals working with children and youth. Social worker Inger Ekbom and psychologist Ami Arnell, who work for the Save the Children organization, developed Trappan for violent situations in Swedish families (Källström & Ekbom 2014). Folkhälsan together with Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare have developed and adapted Trappan in Finland. There is no accurate information on the availability of the intervention in Finland.

Research- and evidence-based efficacy of intervention: There is no peer-reviewed research on the intervention in Finland and it does not have research-based evidence on effectiveness.


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