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Families First Group Intervention

Families First Group Intervention has been developed to complement family guidance services. Intervention provides psychosocial support to families with babies and has been designed to complement existing family services and maternity and child health clinics.

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FHille is a home instruction programme designed to support children as they prepare for the transition to school. The programme is offered to families that are considered likely to benefit from the opportunity to prepare in advance in a structured...

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Hold Tight ® treatment programme

The Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters’ Hold Tight ® treatment programme is aimed at expectant mothers with substance misuse disorders and families with young babies. The programme is set up in two parts. It offers support and...

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Multidimensional Family Therapy – MDFT

Multidimensional Family Therapy is an intensive family and system-oriented workshop method created for staff working in child protection and hospital outpatient settings, whose professional activities bring them into contact with young people aged 12–19 with complex broad spectrum behavioural and...

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The Steps method

The Steps method was developed to support children who have experienced domestic violence or violence in their immediate circle. In Steps, a member of staff will meet with the child for one-to-one sessions. These sessions are designed to help the...

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The VOIKUKKIA (Dandelion) peer support groups

The VOIKUKKIA (Dandelion) is a peer support group for mothers and fathers whose children are subject to a care order or foster placement. The group sessions are designed as an opportunity for the parents to explore the crisis arising from...

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